Tom Kompier

This month I was lucky enough to attend a Tom Kompier course. I watched Tom take a children’s class and then I trained 2 hours with him during the Dan grade course. Tom is  a member of the small club of westerners to have taken the infamous JKS Instructor course. During his time in Japan he trained with Kagawa Sensei and he also trained with Richard Amos – both of who I have been on courses with.

Tom comes across as one of the friendliest sensei I have trained with, very personable, humble and very knowledgeable. We spent the entire two hours working on effective kicking by correct balance and hip position.  Tom has a great way of breaking things down into their component parts, building them up by use of relevant exercises. He was equally comfortable teaching children and adults. This no doubt comes from his time in Japan where he instructed Kagawa’s childrens class on many occasions. I watched as he coaxed children to go beyond what normally would have been their breaking point, past that wall and into the effort zone where the kids were really pushing themselves. Adults too will be walking with slight stiff hips after our session!

My kicks are not the best as my hips are really tight, but by the end of our two hour session I was kicking higher more accurate mawashi’s than I have ever done. I never thought I would ever enjoy a kicking class, but I really enjoyed this class with Tom.

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