I created Funakoshi Books.com mainly because, strangely enough, I enjoy reading his books. Even today they still have instructional value, but it is the history they impart that is invaluable.

Some of these books can be quite expensive and not everybody has the luxury of owning them all, so I hope that by reading my hopefully objective reviews you can make informed decisions and be selective in your purchases.

I’ve studied shotokan karate since the 80′s and was passed shodan by Enoeda Sensei in the 90′s. These days I train at least 4 times a week and run my own club two nights a week. Quite often I’ll use content from some of the books reviewed here for class instruction, and this always goes down well.

Whether you’re looking to buy a new karate book as a teaching aid, training aid or just to educate yourself on the fascinating subject of the Martial Arts, I hope my reviews will be of interest.